Lake Point Tower

Lake Point Tower, completed in 1968, is the only skyscraper in the city of Chicago to be located east of Lake Shore Drive.  Its exterior structure is comprised of a bronze tinted glass curtain wall that gives every unit paramount views of the surroundings.  While residents adore their building for its wonderful views, the consensus among them is that finding a solution to manage the solar heat and glare generated by this much glass, while maintaining the views, is an uphill battle.

In the early 2000s Total Shade products came into the mix and we started marketing our patented Custom Shading Systems to the residents of Lake Point Tower.  Early adopters to our system were not only given excellent pricing incentives for our installations, they were given a chance to provide us with feedback and allow us to really grow into what we are today.

As of now, roughly 15 years after stepping foot into the shading arena in Lake Point Tower, our patented Custom Shading System covers roughly 25% of its interior glass.  Our approach in Lake Point Tower has allowed us to expand our solutions across not only Chicago, but the entire United States.