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Energy Savings Test Summary

Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient:

(SHGC) Results generated in accordance with NFRC 201-2014 testing procedure.

SHGC (Base Window) = 0.75

SHGC (Treated) = 0.26

Percent Reduction of Heat Transfer = 65%


Results generated in accordance with NFRC 102-2010 testing procedure.

U-factor (Base Window) = 0.32

U-factor (Treated) = 0.27


(1/U-factor) used to depict the insulating properties of a Total Shade insulating window shade system.

R-value (Base Window) = 3.13

R-value (Treated) = 3.7

All testing was performed using Phifer Sheerweave Performance + 2390 P13 Oyster/Beige, applied to a double pane window in conformity with the Total Shade Inc. patented insulating window shade system.

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SHGC Cell, Fresno Ca

TS Energy 1

SHGC, Material Installed, Fresno, Ca

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