The Aqua building is located in the heart of the New Eastside neighborhood of Chicago’s Loop.  It has a unique exterior design that gives it a liquid effect through the use of varying concrete balconies that extend in a wave of texture against a blue tinted outside glass.  Every unit in the building is delved in views of the surrounding skyline with the entire exterior wall being floor-to-ceiling glass.  Inherently, with these views comes the necessity of controlling the solar heat and glare generated.

Total Shade’s patented product design has allowed residents of the Aqua to control the solar heat and glare in their condominiums while maintaining their priceless view of the cityscape.  Our custom shading system fits neatly into the building envelope and appears to seamlessly stream itself into the interior facade.  The ease of operation along with the aesthetic simplicity of Total Shade’s Custom Shading Systems has allowed residents of the Aqua to breathe a sigh of relieve when seeking a window treatment solution.