The Buckingham

The southeast end of the New Eastside neighborhood in Chicago’s downtown area is comprised of some elegant, age defying architectural domiciles. None have more charm than The Buckingham. Built in 1982, The Buckingham is a tribute to simplicity in architectural design, and proves that straight lines and right angles can exude timeless properties.

The Buckingham’s unimpeded north and south views, as well as the beautiful surrounding parks, give it splendid sightlines. With the unobstructed views, residents were looking for something that could cut out the glare and solar heat gain, while still being able to see their surroundings. Total Shade created a Custom Shading Solution for The Buckingham to give residents an excellent option. Our Custom Shading Solution gave residents the ability to protect their interiors from the heat and glare, and still be able to look out upon the beautiful parks around their building.