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Total Shade Insulating Shades and Window Treatments

Total Shade® Inc., innovative leader in shade technology, offers smart and beautiful shades with a view that reduce glare and have energy savings up to 45%. Total Shade provides automated shading solutions for any window system. Our Primary focus is creating products that insulate interiors from solar heat gain and glare. By doing so, we are able to manage interior temperatures and lower day to day heating and cooling costs. Our patented shading solutions have proven to be superior to any other product available on the market. Contact us to find out how a Total Shade, energy efficient shade system can improve your home or business interior.


At Total Shade® Inc., we have developed a Custom Shading System or CSS. Our CSS provides a unique shade system that fits the specialized needs and requirements of each and every building. Our CSS makes the installation appear as if it is part of the building.

Below are just a few examples of buildings where Total Shade® Inc., CSS have been installed:

Lake Point Tower


We’ve been working with residents of Lake Point Tower, located in Chicago, IL, for over 15 years. We have developed a custom shading system to match the interior of the building and provide the highest level of shading system performance. Take a look at our Lake Point Tower gallery and see what our customers are saying about our products.

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JFK International Airport


I found Total Shade to be the best available product on the market for reducing glare in my terminal. The entire process was simple and easy. We designed a use for the Thermal View product that had never been tried before, and it worked great. When, I need something similar in the future, Total Shade will be the first place I call.

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The Legacy at Millennium Park


Total Shade has had our products in The Legacy since 2009. We’ve developed a system that works with the building’s interior to create a fully custom shading solution. There are no other shading providers that can match the insulating and aesthetic properties that we create at The Legacy. Click on the gallery link below and see the difference that only Total Shade can offer.

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I wanted to let you know how happy I am with all of my Solar Shades. My living room, dining room and three bedrooms look great thanks to your electric shades. Thanks for the quick home estimate, fast delivery and outstanding installation. The shades truly complete my condo!

Thanks again!

B. Carey
360 E Randolph St

We have been really impressed with our new blinds from Total Shade. From start to finish attention to detail and product finish was outstanding. The different levels of weave were explained to us depending on our requirements for sleeping or working – and we decided on a different level of weave for each of our rooms. We were away when the blinds were installed and were absolutely delighted with the workmanship and finished product – and all really clean and tidy when we arrived back in our condo!
John and Sandie Reed
Lake Point Tower

By far the best investment we’ve made in our apartment was the purchase of the Total Shade system for all the rooms…

H.P. Davis Rockwell – Architect